PCI DSS Workshop Presentations

PCI DSS Workshop Orientation
Workshop Planning Committee

PCI DSS Refresh
Ron King, Treasury Institute for Higher Education
Gene Willacker, Michigan State University

Lessons from the Front Lines, Avoiding the Common Errors That Lead to Credit Card Breaches
Secret Service Agent Alan Davis, Electronic Crimes Task Force

We’re All Imposters – Overcoming Self Doubt to Leave the Workshop a Winner
Preston DuBose, E-Commerce & Payment Security Manager, Texas A&M University

Monitoring Threats for PCI Compliance
Shiva Hullavarad, PhD, Manager of Compliance, Information and Records Systems
Raaj Kurapati, Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Service and Business Operations, University of Alaska

Organizing an RFP for a QSA, ASV, and/or a Merchant Processor
Ruth Harpool, Co-Chair, PCI DSS Workshop, Treasury Institute
Ron King, Co-Chair, PCI DSS Workshop, Treasury Institute

University Hospitality Environments
Joseph Goodman, IT Security & Compliance Specialist, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Surviving the First 48 Hours of a Breach
Mark Shelhart, Sr. Manager Incident Response and Forensics, Sikich

PCI Compliance – From an Internal Audit Point of View
Tim Marley, Director, Internal IT Audit, University of Oklahoma

Top Ten PCI Mistakes
Joseph D. Tinucci, Senior Director Enterprise Risk & Compliance Platform, Coalfire Systems
Jon Bonham, Director, Enterprise Risk and Compliance, Coalfire Systems

PCI DSS and Third Party Vendors: A Push-me Pull-me Relationship
Katie Todd, CTP, Assistant Director, PCI Compliance a & Merchant Services, Columbia University

What a Processer Needs from a University to Validate Compliance
Lisa Conroy, Merchant Compliance Manager, Vantiv

Protecting Merchant Data: A Live Hack Demonstration
George Mateaki, CISSP, CISA, QSA, PA-QSA, Security Analyst, Security Metrics

Tim Ramsay, CISO, University of Miami

Role Playing the Assessment of a MID
Monica Trippler, MBA, Director and Chairman, Information Security Office, Utah State University

Proven Tactics to Reducing PCI DSS Scope
Ruth Harpool, Co-Chair, PCI DSS Workshop, Treasury Institute
Shubert Koong, Pay Pal

Implementing PCI DSS Compliance at MSU:  A Collaborative Team Effort
Mark Haas, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, Michigan State University
Rob McCurdy, Chief Information Security Officer, Michigan State University

Survey Results and Workshop Conclusion
Ron King, Co-Chair, PCI DSS Workshop, Treasury Institute