The Treasury Institute for Higher Education invites you and your staff to participate in Treasury Symposium 2018 taking place in Savannah this January!

This year’s theme Managing Disruptive Forces in Higher Education could not be more timely as the environment inside and outside higher education is changing at a pace we have never experienced.  Disruption is reality for all aspects of finance within our universities.  Traditional strategies and tactics are challenged to respond quickly to a new environment that includes new financial platforms, new currencies, cyber risks, different transaction tools and changing regulatory requirements.  From our featured sessions and our panel discussions, all of these issues will be explored and addressed.  Most importantly, you and your peers will have a three-day forum to develop best practices in order to address a new world.

The Treasury Institute for Higher Education is focused on helping you and your institution navigate a changing financial landscape. The Institute’s program committee knows you will find the sessions and networking opportunities provided at Treasury Symposium to be stimulating and sources of new and innovative ways to meet these challenges. 
Lastly, we thank our partners who are committed to the mission of The Treasury Institute for Higher Education, and by being so, are committed to your success. 

The Treasury Institute for Higher Education

                                Dennis W. Reedy,                                    Jon K. Speare,                                Mary Peloquin-Dodd

   Executive Director                                       Executive Director                             Program Committee Chair

   Executive Director                                       Executive Director                             Program Committee Chair